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要再一嘗美味,只能碰啱有朋友去該地旅行再幫手買,又或者直接向當地食材商訂購。但一來不是每間食材生產商會做散客 (很多生產商只賣給具規模的分銷商),二來即使接受預訂,也要求頗大的購買量。

而在香港的食物入口商,貨品種類極多,很具規模。如果我也要像他們經營,人力物力應追不上。於是我開始有個想法,能否有自己的一間小小的食材店,專門搜集過去我超喜愛的 50 種食材 。既可自己享受,又能滿足身邊的朋友。

Studying aboard in UK, Interning in Japan, Travelling after back to Hong Kong, I always wished to taste the very special food in each country. Unfortunately every food comes with an expirary date. Even you pack it all back in your luggage, they will be gone someday. 

If I wanted to have the food again, I could only rely on my friends who go there for a trip. Or maybe I could order the food direcly from the supplier overseas, however some suppliers may not offer to retailers like myself (Some suppliers deal with their own distributors only), even they may take my order, the accepted quantity would be rather  huge. 

The food importers are really established & they are selling so many items, which I am not able to be competitive in terms of resources & size. I therefore come up with an idea, if it's possible for me to own a boutique shop that allows me to collect my 50 most favorable food. Not only to make myself happy, but also to share those amazing food with my friends.